Codex Guide to the Medieval Baltic Volume 2

The Medieval Baltic Vol 2 (Coming Soon)

The Baltic, the furthest frontier of medieval Christendom, and one of the most perilous, where violence and the supernatural meet.  Constantinople has finally fallen to the young Ottoman Sultan Mehmet “The Conqueror”, beckoning further strife. Hussite heretics continue to claim Bohemia as their own. The great trading cities of Prussia wage bitter war with the …

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Codex Superno: Seidr of the Norse

Seidr of the Norse (Coming Soon)

Codex Superno: Seidr of the Norse is a Codex Superno supplement that brings the Seiðr magic of Norse mythology into your RPG. This work is still early in development. Sign up below if you want us to email you news about future Codex Superno releases!

Codex Historical Rogues Gallery

Historical Rogues Gallery

Note: This is a revival of a post I originally wrote on ENworld back in 2008. It has been updated, consolidated, and revised for 2021. One of the biggest challenges for historical fencers, gamers, authors, and anyone drawn to the pre-industrial world, and particularly the medieval world, is the confusion engendered by our schizoid perception …

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A Fencers Primer on Medieval Magic

A Fencer’s Primer on Medieval Magic Literary Sources

Though some magical traditions originated within the medieval period and inside of Europe, most of the learned magic in particular came from the distant past and many from the Middle East or more distant regions. The literary tradition of magic in Latinized Europe was closely linked to the Classical Tradition more generally, and its acceptance …

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