Codex Integrum: Player's Guide

Codex Integrum: Player’s Guide Now Available!

The Codex Integrum Player’s Guide extends beyond the Codex Martialis combat system into a full Historical Gaming system including character creation, character classes, skills, non-combat abilities, and a panoply of roleplaying options. The Codex Integrum Players guide is your gateway to historical gaming in medieval Europe, and your interface to bring Codex Martialis combat rules into your RPG.

This new sourcebook help’s GM’s and players run an actual RPG in a Late Medieval historical setting. This book includes everything you need to build a historically plausible setting including rules for honor and reputation, example markets, NPC creation guides, equipment stats, loot-tables, combat morale rules, and guides on appearance and dress.

The Codex Integrum Player’s Guide is designed to ease the integration of Codex Martialis combat and Codex Superno magic into your RPG system, whether it is D&D proper, homebrew, OGL, or something else entirely. This work includes a Glossary, FAQ, and a guide on interfacing with other systems.

Codex Integrum: Player’s Guide is now available digitally and in print:

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