Codex Guide to the Medieval Baltic Volume 2

Coming 2021!

Codex Guide To The Medieval Baltic Volume II

Codex Guide To Series

The “Guide To” series is not a game supplement. It’s a historical encyclopedia, a reference and a guide, an almanac and yes even a road atlas, to a world which existed five Centuries in the past. The first book, “Codex Guide to the Medieval Baltic” covers the basics of that world, the world of knights and peasants, the far more complex and sophisticated urban realm of the burghers. The details of combat and warfare in this time and place in the chilly North eastern corner of Europe. Volume 2 covers the history of the various kingdoms, free cities and communities of Central Europe, the worlds of the Church, the scholars of the Universities and the clandestine practitioners of forbidden knowledge.

Codex Guide to the Medieval Baltic Volume 1 is available as a PDF and as print on demand in November 2020. Volume 2 is scheduled for release in early 2021. After that, we will pick another region and possibly another time to focus on. Stay tuned for more!