Advanced Half-Sword Fighting

Benefits: 1) You gain a Free Dice when halfswording which can be used once per round for Defense, or for any Grapple check, or any attack you make with your weapon while in grapple range. 2) You retain your weapons Defense Bonus while in Grapple. 3) Morstshlag “Murder Stroke”. While in Melee or Onset range you have the ability to make one strike with your sword’s quillions as with the beak on a war-pick. The attack is at +2 AP for D6 Damage, Pierce Critical, Grapple bonus +2 (allows grappling from a distance). 4) Gain the ability to grapple with the cross or pommel of your sword in a ‘mortschlag’ guard, with a Grapple Bonus of +2 (this stacks with Ringen Am Schwert). Restrictions: You lose your RTHB (Reach To Hit Bonus) while halfswording. Rolling a natural 1 while using half-sword techniques without heavy or mail-lined gauntlets causes you to suffer an injury (D4 Damage) and you must roll a Reflex Save DC (15) or drop your weapon