Dirty Fighting

Benefits: Grappling traditions were known all over the world, where grappling sports were popular among all estates, from the highest nobility to the lowliest serf. But for grappling to exist as a sport, many techniques had to be banned. These included biting your opponents nose, ears, or random chunks of their flesh off, gouging-out their eyes, head butting them in the face, punching them in the throat, twisting off their genitals, and various other vicious and cruel expedients. In a fight to the death however, there were no rules. To use this Martial Feat, make a contested grapple check. Armor helps protect against Dirty Fighting so the defender may add their Armor Bypass to their grapple defense. If the attack succeeds, roll no damage, but instead roll a D6 and a D20 which will be applied to the Severe Injuries table. If the D6 result is 1-3, use the Bludgeon table, if it is 4-6, use the Chop / Slash table. In the event of a result which would be unlikely due to armor, move up on