Flurry of Cuts

Benefit: Make a series of individual single-die attacks equal to your Martial Pool (up to 4 attacks). • Before the first attack, make a contested Bluff or Intimidate skill check vs. their Sense Motive. • The margin of your success or failure becomes an additional modifier to your To Hit die roll for the next and all subsequent attacks in the round. So if you won by 5 points, gain +5, if you lost by 2 points, suffer -2. • After you expend your Martial Pool, if you succeeded in your Bluff check, you may make a final "Free" additional attack, which must be a cut, or a strike (if using a bludgeon weapon). • You will gain a Free Dice for this attack due to your "Frenzied Attack" MF (prerequisite). • If you failed in your Bluff check, your opponent gets a "Free" Counter Attack instead.