Half Sword Fighting

Benefits: 1) Gain +2 AP (for thrusting attacks only) with your sword. 2) While in Grapple your weapon can still be used to make thrusting (piercing), Bludgeon, and Slash attacks but not Chop attacks, regardless of the weapons size. Bash damage of a sword pommel is equivalent to a light mace. 3) Gain a Free Dice for any Feat triggered by a Bind. Restrictions: 1) You lose your Reach To Hit Bonus (RTHB) while half swording. 2) Rolling a natural 1 while using half sword techniques without heavy gauntlets or mail lined gloves causes you to injure yourself (D4 Damage) and you must roll a Reflex Save DC (15) or drop the weapon.
Half-swording in a tournament, from the Freydal manuscript, circa 1512