Hande Trucken

Benefits: This is an advanced grappling MF which lets you use the edge of your sword to apply pain against your opponent while in a grapple. It can actually also be done with hafted weapons, staves etc. but it’s not as effective. Any time you are in a grapple (including as you initiate one) you may use the edge of your weapon to press down on or slice your opponent, usually their arms or hands. 1)You can initiate this any time you are in grapple, and can use this attack to initiate grapple, and it can also be done any time you end up in a bind. Make a contested grapple check (adding your weapons Reach bonus per Ringen am Schwert MF) 2) If you win the grapple, your weapon is now pressing against your opponent. You may then attempt a disarm, throw, or a disengagement back to Melee Range. If your opponent resists, they will receive Slashing damage from your blade (if your blade can do Slashing damage). For each MP they expend trying to resist you, they will receive 1D6 Slashing damage. If they do not resist there is no effect (they may give up their weapon, go down to the ground or allow you to exit grapple). If your weapon does not do Slashing damage they take 1 HP damage per MP instead.