Benefits: 1) Attack your opponent or defend yourself as you draw your weapon. Gain a Free Dice for your initial attack or defense (or Meisterhau / Versetzen) when you start with a sheathed weapon. The attack (if any) is always a Slash. For defense your weapon is considered instantly deployed and can be applied to your Active Defense (against the next attack only) with your Free Dice. You must spend at least 1 MP to gain the Free Dice. 2) Before rolling Initiative, if your sword is still sheathed you may announce your intention to make a Nukitsuke attack and you gain a +1 bonus to your Initiative roll. Special: Curved, single-edged swords have an advantage in Nukitsuke attacks. With strait swords you may only gain a +2 bonus to either Slashing Attack To Hit rolls or Active Defense instead of the Free Dice. This is called Ukenagashi – “Flowing Block” in Iaido, and is very similar to the opening guards in German and Italian fencing, often used as the precursor to a counterattack in all three systems. Even if you are attacked unexpectedly, with a successful Reflex Save vs. DC 15 you can draw your weapon and still receive a Free Dice (or +2 bonus) for the first attack only. The