Parthian Shot

Benefit: The Parthian Shot is named after a technique used by Parthian and many other Central Asian and Middle Eastern horse-archers, but it can also be used with javelins, crossbows, and firearms. Works two ways: 1. In attack: Charge your enemy and shoot just as you wheel around to disengage. Requires a ‘Fast Turn’ (Riding Skill Check, DC 15). Gain a Free Dice on attack. If you have multiple shooters with the Parthian Shot acting together you can form a Cantabrian Circle, and thereby keep up a continuous rain of missiles until the ammunition runs out. 2. In ‘defense’: While being pursued on horseback, once per turn you may twist around in your saddle and shoot at a pursuer at no penalty or additional Ride check, and gain a Free Dice for your attack. (Note: This was formerly a rule in the “Armor and Missile Weapons” book, and is now rewritten into a MF).