Provoker Taker Hitter

Benefit: To perform this technique, make an initial ‘provoking’ attack at Melee Range (only) with 1 MP, with at least 2 MP in reserve. If the opponent uses Active Defense with their weapon, then do not roll any dice, it is automatically parried. If they don’t use Active Defense then roll the attack normally. Either way, make a contested Bluff check, if you win, then the technique proceeds, otherwise it is over. If you succeeded in the Bluff check, after they parry the attack, wait for a counter. Any subsequent attack by that same opponent qualifies for the next part of the technique. You will then gain a Free Dice for Active Defense, so long as you defend with a weapon (or a shield). If you parry this attack, you gain another Free Dice bonus in your next attack. Special: If you are out of MP after the parry you can still attack using the Free Dice for the counterattack. This MF stacks with Riposte and with Schnappen.