Reiters’ Drill

Benefit: This feat is for mounted handgunners and crossbowmen. This MF allows you to reload crossbows, pistols, carbines or petronels with -1 Prep Time, and Load Firearm or Span Crossbow DC of only 10 while on horseback. For Matchlocks the Load Firearm DC would be 12 and for Touch-hole firearms it would be 15. If three or more riders have this drill, they can form the Caracole. This is a variant of the Parthian Shot used by Reiters and other pistol armed cavalry in the 16th and 17th Centuries. Three or more shooters take turns approaching the target and shooting while wheeling around in a tight turn (Ride Check DC 15) and then reloading their pistol or drawing another pistol from a saddle holster. This produces a rate of fire of one per turn plus an additional shot for every rider over three, to a maximum of ten. So with 13 riders that can be ten shots per turn at the same target area.