Benefits: 1) You may use the pressure from your enemies weapon in a bind to attack him at another opening, usually alternating between true and false edges. To do this you must commit at least two MP to Active Defense; if you succeed at defense you may make an immediate counterattack ala Counterstroke MF. If you achieve a bind (tie roll) or if you roll a natural 20 (automatic counter) you may then apply all MP that your opponent used in their attack against you, to attack them (as Free Dice). So for example if you are attacked with 4 dice, you defend with 2 and achieve a bind, you then gain 4 Free Dice for your counterstroke (in addition to whatever you wanted to commit from your remaining pool and any other MF). The attack must be a cut or a strike (if blunt). 2) If you enter into a bind and do not want to be in one, you gain a Free Dice for any attempt to avoid exploitation of the bind by your opponent (only), including but not limited to active defense rolls against Winden or Mutierin, with the restriction that you yourself may not then make any aggressive action or MF from the bind. This stacks with all other MF which help avoid the bind. You gain this Free Dice even if you