Benefit: You have learned to run fast and at oblique angles to the enemy, to better utilize movement for defense against missiles while simultaneously attacking. This is the technique of javelin throwers going back to the Bronze Age (such as Greek or Thracian Peltasts and Roman Velites), and used by light skirmishers well into the Renaissance. Requires a movement rate of 30’ or better and you must know the location of your enemy (s) but not be in melee range of any opponents. To pull it off you will also need to make a Run skill check DC 10. Your movement confers a Free Dice on Active Defense from missiles (only) per the Moving Target rule, which also stacks with the Free Dice for shield defense, conferring up to two MP for Defense, and every MP you spend on movement works as if you had spent an MP on Active Defense. So for example if you spend 2 MP on movement in a round you can apply 2 MP to Active Defense. The rest of your MP can be spent throwing missiles or shooting.