Steal Initiative

Benefits: At the beginning of the round, on your initiative, designate one opponent you expect to attack. If you generate a counterattack against this opponent, or they fumble (they roll a natural 1) you may immediately swap initiative values with your attacker. All subsequent attacks by this enemy in this round and hereafter take place at your former initiative turn. So if they rolled a 16 and you rolled a 6, you are now considered to have rolled a 16 initiative and they a 6 (effective on the beginning of the next turn). Can be used in conjunction with Counterstroke or Meisterhau Counterstroke, but it is only triggered by a ‘natural’ counterattack (i.e. generated by your 20 or their 1 die-roll). Special: If you have the Fuhlen MF you may Steal Initiative any time you enter a Bind.