Benefit: A Meisterhau (master-cut) can also be used as a counter attack. In this case, as with the Counterstroke feat, you must wait for your opponent to attack you. With the Versetzen your counter is simultaneous, your defense is also your attack roll, and you attack immediately (whether they have MP remaining or not). When using this feat you must commit at least two dice to your attack. As with the Mastercut, your modified die roll is used as your Active Defense against the attack, with both attacks taking place concurrently. Whoever has the higher roll has actually hit. If the modified die rolls are equal, both attacker and defender are hit simultaneously. Special: A Versetzen can be defeated by a successful feint. If a feint is successful and you no longer have enough dice in your Martial Pool to execute the attack, the Versetzen is used up and cannot be executed this round. This MF replaces the Counterstroke feat. If used in conjunction with Steal Initiative feat, a successful hit in your Countercut attack allows you to Steal Initiative.