Benefits: 1) You gain a Free Dice for any action triggered by a bind such as Mutierin. 2) If you enter a Bind (including both natural 20s) while attacking or defending, or are attacked with a Meisterhau, Meisterhau-Countercut, Mutieren attack, and you have MP remaining you may immediately counter your opponents attack (even if it is itself a counter) by making a Winden attack. If you hit, it means they also missed, if you tie you both hit each other simultaneously. When you announce a Winden attack your opponent can roll Active Defense if they have MP remaining or attempt another Versetzen or Mutieren etc. if they still have MP remaining. For example: your opponent tries a cut, rolls a 10, you defeat him rolling an 11 Active Defense. He attempts a Mutieren and rolls a 14 which qualifies as a hit against your original 11. You still have 2 MP remaining however so you throw 2 MP, rolling a 12 and a 16. If he has MP remaining he can try to beat your 16, if he doesn’t he has been hit and must take damage.