Primary Material: Tempered Steel A federschwert or “feather sword” is a special type of training sword used in the Holy Roman Empire (greater Germany) during the Renaissance. These are blunt swords were designed to be relatively safe to fight with, the deeply fullered blades are relatively light and bend in a thrust like a modern foil. But they can still cause serious injuries with strikes without care. Renaissance Fencing fraternities like the marxbrüder (“marx brothers” aka the brotherhood of St. Mark) of Frankfurt and the Friefechter (free fencers) of Prague used these weapons in tournaments and prize fights. To win, you had to cut your opponents scalp just enough that he bled, but not so badly that you broke his skull which could get you in legal trouble. To simulate this kind of fight in the game, make all attacks full bypass attempts (-10 TH), and the first person to receive 4 HP of damage loses the bout.

Attack Types
Weapon Size Reach Speed
Defense Base Damage All Primary AP Bonus Grapple Bonus Hardness HP
Federschwert L 5 4 4 1 - 2 B 0 0 9 3