Primary Material: Hardwood A quarterstaff is a stout fighting pole of ash, oak, or hickory or yew, between 6-8’ long and fairly thick in cross-section: a formidable fighting staff made to be a weapon, not just a walking stick. Normally a quarterstaff would be held at the rear quarter and used like a spear at least initially to thrust and strike from onset range, then at closer ranges the wielder could shift to a half-staff guard (see Half Staff MF) to strike with both ends, or hook their opponent’s legs, shields etc. The quarterstaff is formidable weapon both in offence and defence. Another underrated weapon, the staff is lethal in the right hands, and one of the best weapons available for defence. The staff also has the advantage that it is often underestimated as a weapon. A staff isn’t just any old stick, to have any value as a weapon it must be made from a suitable hard and / or supple wood such as ash, waxwood, oak, hazel, hawthorne or hickory.

Attack Types
Weapon Size Reach Speed
Defense Base Damage All Primary AP Bonus Grapple Bonus Hardness HP
Quarterstaff VL 7 2 5 1 - 6 B B 0 0 5 5