Primary Material: Tempered Steel In role playing games, the rapier is often confused for the smallsword, which was a very different weapon from a later era, see Smallsword. As the formal judicial combat of the high middle-ages began to give way to the unregulated private duels in the mid-16th century, the rapier evolved from older cut-and-thrust types as the weapon of choice for dueling. The rapier was a very long, double-edged, slender, single-hand thrusting sword, usually featuring a complex hilt. It is unknown whether it developed first in Italy or Spain, but it soon became popular all over the Mediterranean and then across Europe (England was one of the last countries to adopt the deadly new weapon). It seems to have evolved from earlier military cut-and-thrust types such as the espada ropera (see Sidesword) which continued to exist alongside the rapier for decades if not centuries.

Attack Types
Weapon Size Reach Speed
Defense Base Damage All Primary AP Bonus Grapple Bonus Hardness HP
Rapier L 6 3 2 1 - 6 SP P 1 0 8 3