Primary Material: Steel For game purposes a spatha is any broad, single-handed strait sword about 3’ long which lacks a true iron pommel. The Roman spatha is the archetype of a variety of similar swords used all around Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East from the last days of the Roman Republic through the first few centuries of the Dark Ages. A spatha is similar to the ‘Viking’ broadsword in that is primarily a cutter with a long, broad blade, but the spatha is fairly stiff, making it better for thrusting, and also more blade heavy. The spatha derives from the La Tene (Celtic) culture, and was adopted by the Romans initially as a sidearm for cavalry. During certain military reforms of the early Imperial period it was adopted by infantry in order to help Roman Legionnaires cope with the increasing numbers of Scandinavian and Germanic tribes they encountered such as Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Lombards, Vandals, Burgundians and Franks who used these spatha type sword extens

Attack Types
Weapon Size Reach Speed
Defense Base Damage All Primary AP Bonus Grapple Bonus Hardness HP
Spatha M 3 2 1 1 - 8 SCP CP 0 0 9 4