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I think GoT was at least mentioned in reviews. GoT was certainly an inspiration for the system’s literature, though it’s probably different enough to get a pass. Personally, I am working on a different system at the moment (I’m sure you can guess the one), so I do not feel too inclined to probe Arcana Games for why some of their modules disappeared – I’m sure I could get an answer of sorts if I pressed for one.

Speaking of classes in a system, I don’t necessarily think they’re a bad thing for a game IF they stay in their proper context. D&D, from my understanding, grew out of wargaming. It’s good to have parameters for units and what they do in a wargame, and if D&D was originally a game with a session-objective-based environment, those classes made a lot of sense back then. When D&D moved beyond that, the classes stuck around and are probably more of an obstacle rather than a help in many cases today.

I have not seen or heard of the Burning Wheel system, though I’m guessing this is the one in question?

If I might ask, what is in comparison, or of good note, to Blood and Bone as described here?