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Hans Hellinger

I will send you a copy of volume II. It includes missile weapons (including crossbows), armor, and firearms. We recently updated the firearms data based on the Graz tests and a series of accuracy tests done in the 19th Century (I had underestimated the accuracy and effective range a bit). The armor data as I said was largely derived from Alan Williams, and as you noted upthread, it is somewhat predictable assuming relatively good metallurgy. He did tests with firearms and also mechanical tests with arrowheads, lance and spear points and so on.

With regard to crossbows specifically, there is a bit less clear understanding of the medieval type in modern academia. I have been following recent academic studies and ‘living history’ experiments very closely, and used a wide variety of sources, mostly recently Andreas Bichlers work, as he is the first to begin to approach the reported performance of real (higher end) medieval crossbows. Or the famous shot by Mr Gallwey.