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Hans Hellinger

Anyway, I think this is a great type of data source to look at – inventories of goods for probate / wills, and also for taxes and for militia inspections. Anne Tlusty goes over some of the latter type data in her Martial Ethic. The towns inspected people’s houses to see if they were sufficiently well armed, she has some statistics on that although almost all of her data is unfortunately 16th and 17th Centuries.

For example in 1584, Raymond Fugger, obviously a very, very rich man, was found to have 9 sets of complete harness, 20 long guns, 20+ pistols, 36 swords, 23 polearms and “a variety of other weapons including battle axes, war hammers and maces”. Obviously that guy could have outfitted an entire army (and routinely did).

IIRC she gets into more detail in that section though. I’ll go pull the book down from the shelf again and have a look later.