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On Tuesday night I ran a session zero for our group.

I focused on framing the campaign expectations with regard to a low magic historical campaign vs the typical sword & sorcery gonzo campaigns my group is used to.

We also ran through melee combat, pitting two of the pre-generated characters, Wulf and Johannes against each other.

Very quickly the players began to develop tactics specific to their characters weapons, armor and feats.

The group had great fun and was excited for future play, their only concerns were some minor discrepancies between the pre-generated characters equipment lists vs the characters background description, some of the characters having feats without also having the necessary pre-requisite feats, and the length of combat encounters.

I believe the last issue will be resolved with continue play once the learning curve of the system is overcome. The information is heavily frontloaded if you’re coming in blind from a base D&D system like 3.5 & 5e The HEMAists in the group (all, but one) took particular delight in the KDF feats.

I’ve created a Observations-Corrections-and-Suggestion channel on discord to encourage them to record their impressions as we proceed.

We will be recording and potentially twitch streaming session 1.