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Yes, logos would be a whole other topic! You wear a bourgeois hood in red and blue or a badge of a ragged staff to mark your membership in a community which watches each other’s backs. You wear a badge of San Rocco or an amulet set with genuine imitation amethysts to protect against terrible dangers like plague or drunkenness. You don’t wear BROADCLOTH OF BRUGES: IF YOU WANT THE BEST, ASK FLEMISH WEAVERS on your surcote because if its real Flemish broadcloth people will know.

Hans, I think people would be interested in some demographic estimates for one of the freer towns in the 15th century. My understanding is that you need several apprentices and journeymen and day labourers and carters for every master or yeoman … but if someone got into a good guild, they definitely had prospects of a comfortable life by the time they were 50 (or some travel and adventure if they decided to look for work somewhere less advanced or settle in a free city some lord with more land than money was founding).