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No, it is the men-at-arms and the infantry. Those poor knights put on a great joust for Edward of England! Datini’s agent was going to buy up harnesses and longswords and good arbalests. And people who fought Turkomen and said “this is easy!” were usually dead by sunset. They were not rich in durable goods, but they were very clever and determined.

By the late middle ages, the middling gentry were often not very military. If they had enough land for an easy life, why risk that? It was their excess sons and the nobility who filled up armies. These men-at-arms with barely enough kit and some kind of warhorse who rob and wander from paymaster to paymaster are all over the military writers and chroniclers and social commentators of the 14th century. Very little is known about John Hawkwood’s parents or who knighted him, and there is a story he started out as an archer …

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