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Hans Hellinger

The only thing I can think of about Talhoffer is that his books are not heavily glossed and he does kind of have his own variant of the zedel, but neither of those things is unusual. Talhoffer is hard to work from because he doesn’t explain much, he just has those (comparatively) good illustrations. So not that many clubs work from Talhoffer, it used to be kind of a running joke that beginner clubs “worked with” talhoffer because there was one talhoffer book in the public domain – a 19th Century fascimile which had the pages out of order, making it even more confusing to try to work from. But it was one of the first of the fechtbücher which was available for many years so people tried (and mostly failed) to figure it out.

This book was the source of a lot of the images I used in the original version of the Codex because those images (having been printed in the 19th Century) were in the public domain.