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Oh, don’t get me wrong, there were rough spots but I think it went well enough for the most part. Some frustrating parts for me just because I could tell when my trying to explain something would probably just make things worse. I think we might have some of that ironed out after a bit of discussion after the game and a promise to give things a look with fresh eyes, so to speak, rather than through the lens of a failed, early, “session 0”. I don’t really know why some of the guys get annoyed by the names, but admittedly they don’t really need to be called such things when an equipment listing of things like “Shoes, plan” and “Shoes, fancy” would probably be plenty good enough. Or “Platendienst” for armor rather than just “Coat of Plates”. I’ve found it hard to be able to get across what things are when even I have to try to google some of them to find out what they are and, by then, some of the guys are just annoyed that they don’t really have any clue about it themselves. So presumably there is a fine line between what gives the game flavor and when that just becomes too much and gets in the way of the gaming part.

In any case I’d also suggest some ideas on food items for how may meals or days that thing would last for, too. It’s one thing to get some idea on the costs, but not having a solid understanding of how much a quart of pickled cucumbers really is, or at least how far it goes, left folks at a bit of a loss as well.

Also, the more I use the character sheets the more I dislike Skill being sorted by Rank. That is helpful in a few situations but with so many skills it’s a lot more helpful when they are just in alphabetical order to quickly find what you need in a given moment. I know the descriptions are that way, but when you most need them is when you need to make that roll so quickly finding it to know your modifier is when it would be most helpful.