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Yes! Unfortunately, it seems many of the contemporary reviewers I’m familiar with don’t care for them, and many replicas are just… shoddy. But, I love short swords, and a small, broad-bladed weapon can be a brilliant cut-and-thrust weapon by all accounts.

Speaking of replicas, I’m not sure it’s really possible to make a decent “economy” cinquedea, seeing as the fullers on almost all of the surviving examples you see are very crisp and often angular (something a low-cost sword cutler will not produce for an affordable price point). Furthermore, while it is likely there were cheap versions of the sword in their day, almost all of the surviving swords are very intricately etched and detailed. Both of those things make getting a reasonable representation of one very prohibitive.

…First thing that comes to mind is the “eket” of Lord of the Rings. If you ever tinker with The Last Days mod for Warband, Gondor has those things everywhere. 🙂