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Well, yeah, although maybe if you add in when I fall down it starts to get closer! 😉 Still, if we think of it in terms of exchanges during a 6-second “round” (in common game terms) and that it’s not each individual exchange then maybe 1 in 20 for something like that isn’t too far off. I mean if you and I are fighting we’ll have several exchanges in 6 seconds then back out and spend maybe 6 or 12 more seconds rethinking strategy before closing again. So even fighting for a few minutes not all (or even most) of those rounds will be actually exchanging blows. So in that sense having some kind of “fumble” (dropped sword or falling over are really the two most common ones I can think of, although much more rarely maybe hitting yourself with, say, a quillion or, more commonly depending on the clothes worn, getting those caught in the “slashes” of your pantaloons!) may very well happen once every 20 of those 6 second rounds.

Not that I am saying it should happen that often in a game anyway, though, let alone for guys who lived in a time and place where learning to fight would have far more importance placed on it than I probably ever have. Recognizing that I may be a “decent” fighter by today’s standards (despite my age 😉 ) doesn’t mean I would have been anything more than a “poor” fighter by Medieval or Renaissance standards. Not as if I can hop into my time machine to really find out, after all.

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