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Hans Hellinger asked:

Any preference on a setting for a setting book?

Sorry for the delayed response, in some ways I was really trying to mull this over. Honestly, though, I don’t know that I do have any preference there. In part I guess I think anything you might find in, say, an Osprey book might make a good setting book. Whether it’s a dive into, say, Renaissance Italy, Scandanavian countries in the age of the Vikings, France during the 100 years war, or delving into the age of Mongolian warriors, or Japan during the 1500s. Any of it could be interesting, and with the “default” setting being late Medieval in the Balkans you’ve already got a good place where characters from more than a few of those would meet (even moreso if you consider it a slightly fantastical world where the anachronism of, say, a Viking meeting a Renaissance courtier isn’t out of place despite the historical divide of timeframe). Just put your usual passion for history into the setting and I’ll be interested in it!