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Hans Hellinger

Yeah, I don’t know – I think I’ve probably dropped a sword maybe 1 out of 6 practices at some point, (with each practice typically on a Sunday, I don’t know 3 to 5 matches with ~10 bouts each, so 30-50 bouts?) but I’d attribute even that to a generally lackadaisical or relaxed atmosphere during routine training / free play. As in literally holding the sword looser so as to more easily ‘pull’ a blow if I strike someone. I’ve been in I think about 15 tournaments and I never dropped a sword in any of those matches. Which I’d attribute to taking the whole thing a bit more seriously. So I think 1 in 20 chance of a serious fumble is really exaggerated, personally.

Maybe a partial stumble or something, I could see one out of twenty, but falling over, as in landing on the ground? I don’t think that happens often, unless we are doing grappling or demonstrating a disarm or something. Once a year or every other year maybe, if that? I can’t say I remember you actually falling down at practice before? I think I have once or twice in the last several years.