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Oh, I definitely fall with some regularity, usually when back-pedaling. I think I might have lost a sword once in tournament? But you might be right regarding attitude to the fight (although I try to maintain the same attitude in tournament because in my case if I don’t try to be relaxed and “play” with it I will do worse, which is almost the opposite for many others). But, yeah, 1 in 20 is pretty high. I’d probably say I MIGHT have something happen once in an entire practice (dropped sword, falling, catching a quillion on something… which was more common when wearing period clothes for me such as in back in my SCA days of rapier fighting, or the like). All of which I would certainly consider “fumbles” in the sense of they would each present an opportunity for my opponent to take advantage of (assuming they noticed it happening). Some of those (lost sword being the main) take longer to recover from, falling could be recovered quickly with a roll, but I don’t always trip in a way I can quickly roll out of it. Clothing catches are quite momentary, though. So certainly in the sense of the longest to recover from being true “fumbles” then, yeah, not THAT common.