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Hi Hans,
Actually I had an interesting thing happen. I had Warrior A with a Great Axe attacking Warrior B armed with a shield and sword. Warrior A made an attack on Warrior B’s shield. I gave Warrior B the option to do an opportunity attack. Warrior B rolled pretty high, Warrior A rolled an active defense and rolled a 20. So that generated a counterattack. It got very confusing and I don’t know if I did it right or not. My questions are below:

1. Does purposely targeting a shield create an Opportunity Attack option?
2. Is that opportunity attack against Passive Defense or can the sunderer try to block it?
3. If sunderer chooses to block opportunity attack does that affect his original sunder attempt? (it seems like it should “spoil” his sunder attempt.)

The way I played it was that Warrior A spent 1 MP on the sunder, Warrior B spent 1 MP on Opportunity Attack, Warrior A spent 1 MP on Active Defense against the OA, rolled a 20, then spent 1 more MP on a counterattack. Then Warrior B used 1 MP to block counterattack. Whew. And the sunder attempt succeeded and destroyed the shield. It got very confusing. I hope I’m making sense.

I’ve got to say I really enjoy what you’ve done here. I’ve been doing little battles to test it out. I had an 8th level fighter with no weapons or armor fighting two 2nd level fighters with chainmail, spears, swords, and shields. The 8th level guy went in grapple range and ripped the spear out of the guy’s hand pretty easily but he had to face Slip-thrust attacks with no armor and the lowly 2nd level fighters ended up winning. It was wild.