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I would appreciate the old versions, thank you. I noticed some inconsistencies between the Quick Start, the Core Rules, and the Weapon/Armor/Missile Guides, and the Player’s Guide. For instance I don’t see armor check penalties anymore… now there are MP penalties. I imagine you guys are working on the editing.

I use Foundry VTT (it’s similar to roll20). I’ve automated many of the rolls. It’s works pretty well. I just got finished playing a battle with my son. He had an 8th level fighter (I guess that’s as high as you go) with a Greatsword and Chainmail Hauberk. He fought a 3rd level fighter with Greataxe and 5/10/15 armor / a 3rd level fighter with Longsword, Shield, and 5/10/15 armor, and a 2nd level fighter w spear/shield and 8/16/24 chainmail. Tough fight, 3 on 1. But the 8th level fighter prevailed once he killed the first guy. He was low on HP but he was last man standing. I’ve played Pathfinder and DnD for years and the battles were never like this. It always bugged my how AC worked. (I’m AC 20 but if I get woken in the middle of the night I’m AC 12. I can’t defend myself without my armor??) I’m thinking of doing Conan or a Pirate type campaign with this system. In fact I was looking over the old Conan d20 and there are some similarities.

My son didn’t bother with bypass, he just punched through. With Artful Strike he was piercing through that chainmail pretty well anyway.

I appreciate the responses. I have to say there is a learning process that is a bit tricky. So many decisions…

Some observations:
Daggers are nasty!
Shields are a pain. Destroy them.
Get up close to the spearman. Don’t worry about opportunity attack.
Punch through armor if you have a big weapon and you’re strong. Especially if you have some AP.
Save 1 MP (or more) for defense.
If you drop your weapon, pull a dagger out and enter grapple range. Ringen is vital.
Swords are versatile. Especially Medium ones.

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