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Hans Hellinger

I think the Quick Start is the only doc still out of sync, though I could be wrong. You are right about armor check penalty, that is one of those 3.5 rules we have replaced. The Core Rules book and Players Guide should be consisdered ‘Canon’ for all this. We think MP penalty is a lot easier to deal with, less arithmetic involved.

Good observations!

Yes swords are versatile. That is basically their role. They are kind of the ‘do-everything pretty well’ weapon. They are also harder / more dangerous to grab than a hafted weapon.

Shields are easy to destroy – so long as they are made of wood, or other (historically very typical) light materials. But if you are dealing with an iron buckler or a steel rotella, it’s much harder to destroy them and you’ll need another strategy.

This is similar for armor – light mail you can maybe punch through, and any kind of armor incorporating textiles can be degraded or ablated, but heavier metal armor (including better quality mail) is a lot harder to defeat, unless you have special armor piercing weapons (and even then it’s pretty hard).

OA is more dangerous if your opponent has certain Martial Feats like “Point Control”. You’ll notice in the Core Rules there are some ‘Feat Packages’ which are for different kinds of fighting archetypes (this starts on P 45 in the current version). Try playing around with a few of those at some point you may find it enlightening. The basic strategies you outline above do hold true in general, but depending on equipment and skill, that balance can change a lot.

Daggers are definitely nasty. “Fight finishers”. One of the things that always used to bug me about RPGs back in the 70s and 80s was that a 12″ knife was treated as if it were a mere nuisance weapon. A knife that big will kill quickly.

Real glad to see you enjoying the system, and appreciate the continuing feedback.