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Hans Hellinger

Hahahahaha. Yeah historical gaming is definitely not for everyone. I think most gamers really prefer the high fantasy and kind of power dynamics a little bit like superheroes. Codex is a pretty small niche historical gaming in general is a small niche. We are probably a lot closer to the OSR people I think.

I got bored with the super power kind of stuff when I was still a kid. When I was young we always customized our games and played a lot of different kinds of RPGs, all different kinds of settings and genres… from Call of Cthulhu to Paranoia, to our own custom post-apocalypse games based on road warrior. Played Twilight 2000 when I was in the military overseas in Germany that was almost too close to reality. But a lot of fun. The one thing we really didn’t do though was very high level or high fantasy.

I think there is a audience for this sort of lower fantasy, grittier type game. The original great fantasy novels were mostly low fantasy. Lord of the rings had the high fantasy story arc but the characters definitely were mortal and did not have super powers. Robert e Howard’s Conan in the early days, was just a thief. He was tough and resourceful but he didn’t fly. Fafhred and the Grey Mouser we’re highly skilled but they definitely lived in a world where they could die. And my favorite Jack Vance, was full of characters like Cugel the Clever who were very cunning and resourceful (and had an outstanding vocabulary) but by no means walked around feeling invulnerable.

Codex is manageable enough that you can survive combat if you make an effort. You may not be able to mow down armies of moocs all day but you can survive. Even though it’s a little more realistic it’s not quite as perilously random as Riddle of Steel and doesn’t take nearly as long or require as much arithmetic as Rollmaster or something like that. I’m sure you can find a group to play with but it might not be exactly the same group that’s doing the 15th level flying demon slaying games in 5e. You can have a little fun on a one-off day or board game night kind of thing just doing a few combats. Especially once you get really comfortable with the system. But for campaign you probably need a group that’s looking for something a little different.

Anyway let us know how it goes. We are still suffering from this insanely long internet outage, so this really puts an anchor around our neck when trying to solve some of these little problems. Still doing everything on the phone. But we should have something in place for the pre gen characters from Monsterberg within a day or two. When it is sorted out I will do an update to both of those titlesbon DriveThru and you should get a notice. I will also post something here on the forum.

Meanwhile I will be glad to continue to answer any questions you may have about the system or any of the supplements. Really appreciate your interest and always glad to discuss things like fencing, combat, game design etc.