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You definitely have similar interests to me. I’ve loved Lord of the Rings since I was 12, fan of original Conan stories, read some of those Grey Mouser books, etc. Conan even got knocked unconscious from a sling (easy enough in Codex, critcal Bludgeoning 4 die attack, failed his save). Loved the more gritty stories in general. Some game systems are just too gritty, I remember Arms Law/ Claw Law with all these horrific injuries. I think your system has a nice balance where you can survive. I love capping the HP at 3x Con, it always bugged me a high level guy could be hit with dozens of arrows with no effect. AC always bugged me, too. I just wonder how your system could work on an ongoing campaign. I’d have to convince my players but I don’t want them to do something they aren’t into. Anyway, thanks for feedback!