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Hans Hellinger

Interesting! We have been doing some computer simulations of Codex (and a nascent computer game) actually with the intention of posting some results exactly like that, and doing little scenarios like you have been playing out. It kind of got derailed by the Hurricane but we might have something like that we can post soon.

It does sound like an interesting fight! Kind of similar to the duel in Rob Roy if you have ever seen that:

For your two hand sword guy, you might want to try a couple of different MF. Meisterhau and / or Versetzen are good for longsword guys (allowing for simultaneous attack and defense), as is Absetzen (defensive, but also a simultaneous piercing attack – very deadly). Some “interrupting” MF are good for cases where you lose initiative, like Counterstroke, Schnappen, Bind and Batter etc.. Provoker / Taker / Hitter is an effective offensive tool, good for longsword guys and saber etc. as well.

Here is Anton Kohutovic doing some nice Absetzens…

I think what you are doing is a good way to test out different combinations of MF. There is a section in Monsterberg which describes tactics for different pre-gen PCs, and this along with the stuff on pages 45-47 of core rules help give you some idea of a few ‘packages’ which work well together (there are definitely many others though). Duelists are one of the most interesting archetypes I agree. You can make characters like that out of Courtiers, Nobles, Scholars or other hybrid character types.

You seem well on your way to figuring it out though. Look forward to hearing about the next one!