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Needless to say your fights will got a lot quicker if it’s not between two equally matched, experienced fighters with good armor and equipment and a lot of Martial Feats.

Definitely. I’ve fought some of the NPCs in your books and I made a few of my own. My 2nd level militia guys with spears and shields go down fast, although they can do some serious harm. I like how a low-level threat can still be dangerous. Part of the reason I’m doing this is to build PCs and see how they work against equal opponents with different feat combos. I suspect standard 3.5 characters would kill each other in about 3 rounds. There are just not much in the way of tactics in 3.5. Power attack, full attack.. kind of boring actually. The character building is all about maximizing AC, HP, attack bonus, and damage. I like how in your system a rich baron could arm villagers with polearms and good armor and have a decent fighting force.