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One interesting idea to try out in a duel would be a typical Codex character of say, 5th level with 5 MF but a max of 30 hit points and historical weapons, vs something more like a typical Pathfinder character of the same level with ~70 hit points and a few magic artifacts, and more generic DnD type weapons and armor.

I was curious, I did a little battle. The two characters just tore each other up, round 4 the Codex guy died, but his opponent had 1 HP left. Basically they hit each other every round. The Pathfinder guy had a +15 attack that was hard to parry, and my duelist had a +12 attack that beat the 21 AC pretty easily. Just stood in place and hacked each other. My Codex guy used Lunge and Riposte but it was a pretty even battle.

Ok we have fixed the Pre-gen characters armor issue.

Great, I will check it out.

Have you read the sagas, like say, Grettir’s Saga or Egil’s Saga? Hrolf Kraki?

No, but I should put those on my reading list 🙂