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This is quite interesting – it reminds me of my concept of “triggers” on the old forums:

The difference in the trigger and this chant seems to be the internalization of the effect. The chant, verse, etc., uses a mass of verbiage to establish an ideal state of being to those that choose to take it in. It captures the attention long enough, and projects enough of an image through its description, that it can be “deployed” on an audience without any special preparation the audience must do on their own, except what might be normally required of them. To clarify, if you have a chant or verse you “deploy” on warriors, you must expect of those individuals that they be willing and able to fight. But, nothing more.

In contrast, the trigger – as defined by my old forum post – is a state of mind the individual prepares for themselves. It is possible that another individual could deploy the trigger on the one affected by said trigger, but without that internal, self-preparation, the trigger is ineffectual.

…All-in-all, very interesting! And, it demonstrates two different approaches by which one arrives at, basically, the same end result.