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Hans Hellinger

This is another good one:

“”By this means Mr de Desse had an opportunity of taking a narrow and leisurely inspection of the enemy’s works and defences, and when retiring, he had the pleasure to witness a very notable and daring attempt of one of those Highland Men that belonged to the Earl of Argile. This fellow had by this time taken notice of the French behavior, and had seen them go fearlessly forward upon the very mouth of the enemy’s cannon, which he being willing to imitate, went straight upon a party of the English, that had engaged a few Frenchmen commanded by Captain Voquedemar, and with incredible celerity seizing one of them, in spite of opposition, trussed him upon his back , and in this plight brought him to our camp; where we observed that the enraged captive had bit his shoulder after so butcherly a manner, that he had almost died of his wound. Mr. De Desse rewarded the action with a good coat of mail and 20 crowns, a compliment which the Highlander received with all imaginable demonstrations of gratitude.”