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Hans Hellinger

Sean D 12/03/21

This book is my favorite RPG supplement for any subsystem. It fixes every issue I’ve had with other combat systems, and every original concept is a winner.

We all have our preferences as to what gets abstracted and what gets simulated, but these rules are right in-line with what I want in combat: Armor as damage reduction, individual defensive values for weapons, un-nerfing of shields, combat experience contributing to your AC, and more. The addition of the “onset” range to combat is brilliant (AFAIK, this is a Martialis Codex original idea), as is its implementation. Giving each weapon separate bonuses for onset range and melee range fixes one of my biggest gripes about traditional RPG combat. I’ve always found it unacceptable that a guy with a dagger can face off against a guy with a long sword, and the dagger-weilder’s chance to get in for a strike against his opponent would be no different than if his opppnent was also weilding just a dagger. The rules for grapple-range combat are also of the “that’s how it should be done” quality.

My only criticism is that the rules could be clearer at times. I’ve had to compare the same rule on different pages once or twice to get exactly what the rule is. But (one of?) the author has been helpful in clarifying, and I wouldn’t let that hold you back from buying this book.