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Hans Hellinger

Found an academic article today with a lovely little excerpt about North Sea pirates encountered by a pair of Hanseatic merchant ships. Encountered and annihilated.

“There used to hang in [the] Marienkirche (St Mary’s Church) in Lübeck, over the chair belonging to the Bergenfahrer, a banner that was captured in 1526 from pirates in Skjernsund, a natural harbour on the southernmost coast of Norway. Two Hanse ships, with skippers karsten Tode ‘the Old’ from Lübeck and Claus Went from Wismar, sailing from Bergen and seeking harbour in Skjernesund, became aware of a crayer [type of small ship] in a bay nearby.

According to a contemporary account by Gert Korfmaker, the germans feared that it was a pirate ship, because of them said that this was a well-known pirates’ nest. But others said ‘May God have mercy on us, that is rather a Scotsman loading timber’. But pirates they were, and after some struggle, the Hansards managed to overcome the pirate ship, whosde captain was Marten Pechlin from the island of Fehmarn in the west Baltic; Pechlin himself was killed during the battle and the surviving pirates were thrown into the sea.”