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Powder Monkey

Appreciate the summary, and looking forward to anymore information you can find. I’ll have to make a doc to compile it all. I think I saw mentioned that Rügen had a pirate presence, but it doesn’t really come up in the English or German language wiki article for the island.

One of the things I’m trying to work out is who controls what in Pomerania, and I’ve come across an apparent contradiction regarding Lauenburg and Bütow. All the articles I’ve seen agree that the Polish King granted the two areas to Eric II in return for his services against the knights. However, some claim that this was nominal and that the knights held the two until the 1460s. Others say that the knights retook them in 1459, so that they’d be under Eric II in the 1456 time frame. I’m wondering if you’ve come across the two in your research, that may clarify the discrepancy.