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Jean Chandler

That wiki you found is solid gold. Amazingly detailed and seems to be accurate from the other sources I have checked. This ongoing feud is rich with small paramilitary actions (capturing ships and boats, blocking or clearing harbors, kidnapping and freeing merchants and so on). It would make an outstanding campaign or adventure I think. (I am team Stargard 100% by the way).

It’s really interesting to see these cases where towns are fighting each other North of the Alps. It was very common in Italy but a lot more rare up north, although you see it in Flanders and sometimes among the Hanse cities. I wonder if Lübeck’s raid against Stettin had something to do with this war.

I also really love the names of the burghers in here, these are fantastic Low German names, I’m going to put them all into my name generator: “Blecken Sultze”, “Clawes Viphper”, “Hans Jesse”, “Jakob Grosere” all gold.

As for Lauenburg and Bütow, I don’t know off hand. It will be hard to find sources with that much specificity though local people will know. I will check my sources on the Teutonic Knights and Hanseatic League, and Jan Dlugosz and see if these are mentioned. You might want to check that Nuremberg Chronicle online searchable site I linked here on the forum somewhere, you might get lucky.