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    Hans Hellinger

    So we’ve been going for almost a year now. Since Sept 2020 we have produced 5 books, roughly about one every other month. These are (in order of sales success):

    * History of the Medieval Baltic Vol II
    * Codex Superno
    * Players Guide
    * Road to Monsterberg, Ch 1
    * Quick Start Rules

    Up to now, almost all sales have been of PDFs. We just started selling printed copies of History of the Medieval Baltic Vol I via Purpleheart Armoury, which has (somewhat surprisingly) sold well.

    We will be able to make two or three more books in this year. Maybe four if we really push it. So the question going forward is what to write next.

    The dilemma is that our history books sell the best, but they take by far the longest to complete – Vol II of Baltic book took three years to finish. Adventure modules like Monsterberg are the easiest.

    New Options Are:

    * (History) Short (as in 100 – 150 page) history books focused on a city where fencing masters lived. Like Augsburg, Frankfurt Am Main, Nuremberg, Strasbourg, Bologna, Venice, Rome etc. This would be targeted toward a HEMA (Historical Fencing) audience
    * (Game) Chapter II of Monsterberg. This would be an attempt at serialization of the Monsterberg campaign.
    * (Game) Another magic book, possibly focused on another region or time period
    * (Game) Short (75-100 page) setting book focused on historical regions and time periods, showing kit (weapons, armor, miscellaneous), character classes, skills, Martial Feats, and some information about the setting. A lot like an Osprey book for RPGs. So these settings could be say, Viking, Roman, Samurai, Age of Sail Explorer, Scottish Highlander, Migration era tribes etc.
    * (Game) Codex version of B2 “Keep on the Borderlands” with a simpler version of Codex rules, targeted toward OSR gamers.

    Hans Hellinger

    So which of the above should be next? Pick two or three.


    I think my personal preference would be towards Monsterberg II, Setting Books, and then Magic expansion.

    Based on how you say sales are going, though, it sounds like Setting Books might be the better balance between the history and the gaming crowd. After all the Osprey books weren’t gaming books (and had plenty of issues on their own, in some ways understandably since they sometimes took a rather broad time and place to try and make a succinct history book on, so it’s probably to be expected that you’ll lose a lot of nuance that way) but they were used by a lot of gamers I know to fill in flavor for games. So in a way a more focused setting book can do double duty as not just a game reference but an historical one as well… sort of like some of the GURPS setting books were for some folks I know (who also loved to use them for other game systems even if they didn’t like playing GURPS!) So in that sense you might be able to create books that appeal to both crowds.

    Hans Hellinger

    Thanks for the feedback Zarlor, and nice to see a vote for Monsterberg II.

    Any preference on a setting for a setting book?


    Personally I’d really like to the deep dives on towns with fencing masters, mentioning interesting elements of inter- and intra town rivalries for extra setting material. More Codex Superno type stuff would be amazing, especially if there’s anymore islamic or pagan material to be mined up.
    Monsterberg II could work if it’s a bit bigger or the characters are more tied into the action, but it’s nice as an introduction to the setting where GMs and groups can continue on with the threads that are still there to make their own adventure. General historical one-shots in Hungary against the Ottomans, Indiana Jones style archeological adventures in Italy or Hanseatic politicking would also be amazing.


    Hans Hellinger asked:

    Any preference on a setting for a setting book?

    Sorry for the delayed response, in some ways I was really trying to mull this over. Honestly, though, I don’t know that I do have any preference there. In part I guess I think anything you might find in, say, an Osprey book might make a good setting book. Whether it’s a dive into, say, Renaissance Italy, Scandanavian countries in the age of the Vikings, France during the 100 years war, or delving into the age of Mongolian warriors, or Japan during the 1500s. Any of it could be interesting, and with the “default” setting being late Medieval in the Balkans you’ve already got a good place where characters from more than a few of those would meet (even moreso if you consider it a slightly fantastical world where the anachronism of, say, a Viking meeting a Renaissance courtier isn’t out of place despite the historical divide of timeframe). Just put your usual passion for history into the setting and I’ll be interested in it!

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